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Hey everyone! Been a while!
So this community lost activity quite a while ago. We were getting entries and votes but due to a non-working computer and procrastination, I wasn't doing my modly duties and I apologize for that! However now that my computer is working and I've been missing this community so much, I wanna get this going again and I was hoping you guys would be willing to help!

So before I start getting challenges posted, I need to:

1. Post the results of challenge #6! - Sorry it took sooo long but I only just recently got enough votes to close it so it's not entirely my fault this time! ;)

2. Make banners for both challenges
. - To the winners of challenges #5 & #6, I haven't forgottan about you! You will see your banners soon enough, I've already started making them!

3. Advertise!! - This is where I really need your help! We have a nice amount of members already but I was still having to extened challenges and voting which really held things back! So we really need more members! Can you guys please help with pimping the community for me? On your journals, on other GG communities, anywhere that you can think of that alows community pimping, I would really appreciate it! I'll make some advertising banners for those who can help to help them advertise and I'll post them later!

4. Recruting - I posted an application for people who wanted to sign up as a co-mod. I wasn't as adamant for a co-mod back then but seeing the work it takes to run a community like this, I think I really need one after all so can can someone with some spare time on their hands every week please fill that application out, I would reeeeally appreciate it!! Here is the link to the sign up post:
Mod Application!

So thats it! Hope to see you guys in a new challenge soon! :)
OUAT - Regina Mills: The Dark Path
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Need more votes!

So sorry for not updating in so long. My life is crazy and my computer is still not working properly.

Anyways we still need more votes for Challenge #6! We have waaaaay too many ties so can a few of you please take a couple minutes to vote! I'm desperate here! :-(


So vote vote vote!!
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Extension & Update

Ok so again soooo sorry for how caotic and unscheduled this community has been, my computer is on the fritz yet again so I won't be able to post any awards as of yet, sorry for those waiting on them. The voting for Challenge #5 can now be closed cause we now have enough votes and I will be posting the results shortly (but like I said, there won't be any awards), however I still need more votes for Challenge #6 before I close it down so PLEASE VOTE!! Thanks. :-)

Due to the computer problems and the lack of time, we probably will be going onto hiatus after the voting for Challenge #6 is closed and results are posted. Hopefully my comp will start working properly soon and we can be back up and running right away. However while my comp is out of service, I can still advertise the community through another computer and I encourage you all to do the same please. That way when the hiatus ends, we can keep the schedule alot tighter then it's been and hopefully have alot more members and alot less extensions.

Well thats the gist of it. Again I ask that you please vote for Challenge #6!

Thanks for your patience and cooporation everyone!
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Challenge #6: Voting

A few quick guidelines before voting:
- No Self Love!
- Just vote for your Top 3 + Special catagory
- Numbers are on top of the icons

(just copy and paste this into a comment with your choice of icon number in place of the 00)

Collapse )

Voting ends Monday, June 30th. (I made it monday instead of sunday cause 1. This is posted late and 2. I'm busy all weekend.)
Good luck to all!

Also please don't forget to vote for challenge #5! I really would like to close that down but I don't have enough votes quite yet! 1 or 2 more people should do it! :-)
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Challenge #6: A Hug

This weeks chalenge is another free all, I want you to make an icon of a hug, any hug you want between Lorelai & Rory. Pretty the icon up, add some text, textures, multiple pictures, do whatever you want, just make sure Lorelai & Rory are in the icon and they are hugging! :-)

- All Textures, Brushes, Fonts & Affects Aloud
- You May Blend Images
- You May Reuse Images
- You May Only Submit Up To 4 Icons
- You May Only Use The Images Provided
- No Animated Icons Aloud

Here are some example caps which you may use if you want. :-)
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Well that is all!
Challenge ends Monday the 16th. (Possibly Tuesday if things come up or we don't get enough entries)
Good luck to you all! :-)
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Challenge #4: Awards

So here are the awards for Challenge #4! Again thanks to everyone who voted and entered, even if you didn't win, you all still had beautiful entries!

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The results and awards will be posted on tuesday for Challenge #5, please don't forget to vote some more. ;-)