Chloie (go_clo) wrote in truegg_icontest,

Challenge #6: A Hug

This weeks chalenge is another free all, I want you to make an icon of a hug, any hug you want between Lorelai & Rory. Pretty the icon up, add some text, textures, multiple pictures, do whatever you want, just make sure Lorelai & Rory are in the icon and they are hugging! :-)

- All Textures, Brushes, Fonts & Affects Aloud
- You May Blend Images
- You May Reuse Images
- You May Only Submit Up To 4 Icons
- You May Only Use The Images Provided
- No Animated Icons Aloud

Here are some example caps which you may use if you want. :-)

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Well that is all!
Challenge ends Monday the 16th. (Possibly Tuesday if things come up or we don't get enough entries)
Good luck to you all! :-)
Tags: challenge

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