Chloie (go_clo) wrote in truegg_icontest,

Extension & Update

Ok so again soooo sorry for how caotic and unscheduled this community has been, my computer is on the fritz yet again so I won't be able to post any awards as of yet, sorry for those waiting on them. The voting for Challenge #5 can now be closed cause we now have enough votes and I will be posting the results shortly (but like I said, there won't be any awards), however I still need more votes for Challenge #6 before I close it down so PLEASE VOTE!! Thanks. :-)

Due to the computer problems and the lack of time, we probably will be going onto hiatus after the voting for Challenge #6 is closed and results are posted. Hopefully my comp will start working properly soon and we can be back up and running right away. However while my comp is out of service, I can still advertise the community through another computer and I encourage you all to do the same please. That way when the hiatus ends, we can keep the schedule alot tighter then it's been and hopefully have alot more members and alot less extensions.

Well thats the gist of it. Again I ask that you please vote for Challenge #6!

Thanks for your patience and cooporation everyone!
Tags: announcement, reminder

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