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Hey everyone! Been a while!
So this community lost activity quite a while ago. We were getting entries and votes but due to a non-working computer and procrastination, I wasn't doing my modly duties and I apologize for that! However now that my computer is working and I've been missing this community so much, I wanna get this going again and I was hoping you guys would be willing to help!

So before I start getting challenges posted, I need to:

1. Post the results of challenge #6! - Sorry it took sooo long but I only just recently got enough votes to close it so it's not entirely my fault this time! ;)

2. Make banners for both challenges
. - To the winners of challenges #5 & #6, I haven't forgottan about you! You will see your banners soon enough, I've already started making them!

3. Advertise!! - This is where I really need your help! We have a nice amount of members already but I was still having to extened challenges and voting which really held things back! So we really need more members! Can you guys please help with pimping the community for me? On your journals, on other GG communities, anywhere that you can think of that alows community pimping, I would really appreciate it! I'll make some advertising banners for those who can help to help them advertise and I'll post them later!

4. Recruting - I posted an application for people who wanted to sign up as a co-mod. I wasn't as adamant for a co-mod back then but seeing the work it takes to run a community like this, I think I really need one after all so can can someone with some spare time on their hands every week please fill that application out, I would reeeeally appreciate it!! Here is the link to the sign up post:
Mod Application!

So thats it! Hope to see you guys in a new challenge soon! :)
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