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truegg_icontest's Journal

A Lorelai & Rory Icontest
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An icon challenge community dedicated to the mother&daughter duo from the tv show Gilmore Girls.
Welcome to truegg_icontest. An icon challenge community dedicated to the incredible Mother & Daughter duo of the amazing show Gilmore Girls.

Every week, a new challenge will be posted, all challenges relating to L&R and their amazing and incredibly under-appreciated relationship. The point of the community is to bring all icon makers alike together to show off their amazing icon making abilities and talent by (going by the rules of the challenge posted) competing against eachother for a snazzy award (banner made by moi) and the pride that you know you got one. X-D Plus it gives you an excuse to pull out your dusty photoshop (or whatever program you use) and create something beautiful! ;-)

To participate in a challenge: Read the rules, take the picture(s) posted (unless it's a non-pic challenge) for the challenge and make something beautiful out of it/them then just comment to the entry with that icon. And please, if you decided to take part in a challenge, I ask that you put work into the icons. Don't just crop a pic, slap some text onto it and submit. Put actual work into your icons.

To vote: Again, just comment to the voting post in the way instructed and post! You do not have to participate to have the right to vote. Anyone can vote, as long as you follow the rules and be fair.

All comments for both submission and voting will be screened!

[x]All Icons Submitted Must Follow LJ Standards.
They can be no larger then 100x100px in size and the file size may be no larger then 40kb.

[x]No Self-love!
NO voting for youself, and no forcing others to vote for you. You can encourage others to vote for your icons but don't force them. Voting must be fair, otherwise you and your icons are disqualified.

[x]No Animated Icons
I love animated icons as much as the next person but I feel that animated icons always have kinda an unfair advantage above those who don't animate so I'm sorry but no animations of any kind!

[x]Use Only The Images Provided
Unless stated otherwise, all icons submitted must use only the images provided, by the mods, for the challenge!

[x]You May Blend Images
You are aloud to blend images together into 1 icon unless stated otherwise but the images blended must be those provided for the challenge by the mods!

[x]You May Reuse Images
If you choose to submit more then 1 icon for a certain challenge, you may reuse the same image...BUT I must see an extravagant change in style. By that I mean that you may not, take an image, crop it, add some text and colors, submit it and then take the same icon, make it B&W and submit it again. That is considered cheating. It must be very different from the first entry.

[x]All Icons Must Be New
You can not take old icons made and submit them to the challenge. Kinda defeats the purpose of this all don't you think? What would be the fun in that anyway?! ;-)

[x]No Stealing Icons For Submission!
Should really go without saying but stealing other peoples icons, taking credit and submitting them to a challenge is definately a no-no! Anyone caught stealing icons will be disqualified and banned!

[x]Icons Must Remain Anonymous
Please don't post your icons anywhere before the voting for the challenge you submitted it to ends and the results are posted.

One more thing:

When submitting your icons, please submit both the icon and the url for it. Example:


Tuesday: New Challenge posted
Tuesday-Monday: Entries are accepted
Monday (evening): Challenge closed and Voting posted
Tuesday-Sunday: Votes accepted
Sometime during the week: Results and Awards posted

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